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Abba - Keeper of my Heart

It is with gratefulness to our Daddy (Heavenly Father) that He has allowed us so close to His heart in the making of this CD. For us it is a dream come true. Without the changes and growth He has brought in both our lives this production would not have happened. Our desire is that in the same way we have experienced His healing and restoration through these songs, that the same would be true for you. May you enter the atmosphere of Heaven and be blessed, as much as we have been in the making of the CD. - Vicki

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Living in Two Worlds

I have had the Title for this CD for over 11 years and it is a joy that finally it is not just a title but a reality. I was at a Fatherheart meeting in 2003 and in a soaking session the LORD spoke to me about doing a CD and calling it “Living in Two Worlds.” My thought was that is a good title for a ‘Kiwi’ living in Germany, 2 languages, 2 countries and the Natural and Supernatural World. There were other CD projects in between but I kept waiting for the LORD’s timing for this Title. In the last 3 years I have learnt more about what Paul writes about in Ephesians 2:6 that we are “Seated” with Christ in Heavenly Places, it is not future tense it is now! These realms belong to us as Followers of Christ and to ascend to Heaven and bring His Kingdom down on earth is our calling. “On Earth as it is in Heaven,” this is what Jesus taught us. Through this project I desired to produce a Prophetic Worship CD, with 3 of the 4 songs on it, being written and recorded in the Studio during the time Karsten Schneider and I were working on this project.

It is a CD that connects Heaven and Earth and it has been so much fun to do. There are some surprises on it, with a blend of spontaneous and prophetic songs that the Holy Spirit had me sing during the recording, they carry healing, freedom, joy and revelation for those who listen and worship along with the songs. The Door is open and we are invited to “Come up!” May this CD bless you with Heavenly Encounters direct before the Father’s throne. In His amazing love,  Vicki

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